Atavic Machine by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha

Estufa Fria for BoCA Biennial

Jonathan Uliel Saldanha presents a new installation titled “Atavic Machine / Máquina Atátiva” at Esufa Fria in Lisbon, for BoCA Biennial. 


In “Atavic Machine”, the artist continues on a singular path, which interweaves a visceral curiosity for ancestral cultures, looking for the qualified encounter that leads him to apparently distant geographies and sensibilities. There is always a profoundly human dimension, even if the technologies and the fracturing future visions of the normative narratives are present. 


His creations are full of references to natural spaces, which the artist transports into artificial spaces. In “Atavic Machine” Jonathan operates for the first time in a vegetal space (of human construction) – the Lisbon Green House – the action of a sound and light machine, where the latent and fictitious characteristics from a remote and future time come together.


View the video documentary of the project HERE

October 2, 2021