Blistering Tongues

Olivia Douglass — Lee Fraser — Rebecca Lennon — Marianna Simnett — Slavs and Tatars — Jenna Sutela — Jonathan Uliel Saldanha
30 October—27 November 2021

Gathering the works of 7 international artists and focussing exclusively on sound and moving image, ´Blistering Tongues´ explores corporeal societal anxieties associated with the mouth and the voice in order to expose the sense of oppression, impediment and inadequacy experienced by suppressed subjects within the public and the private realm, but also in order to argue for the urgent need to change the ways we listen actively.

Allowing for a cacophony of foreign phonetics, synthetic voices, whispers, shouts, guttural sounds and complex, even overwhelming, oral gestures to coexist, the show hopes to disrupt the ground occupied by the singular dominant voice and challenge the idea of voice itself, opening to a polyphony of sounds, repositioning the inaudible and leaving space for alternative narratives, a multitude of possible framings yet to be understood.

The exhibition is realized through the support of Frame Contemporary Art Finland Funding and in partnership with Semibreve Festival (Braga).

* The exhibition sequence repeats every hour.