Lito Kattou interviewed for interviews Lito Kattou who discusses the development of her artistic practice, materiality, creativity, productivity and the art community in Athens, where she is currently based.⠀⠀

Lito Kattou’s work delves into issues of transformation and otherness, and the relationship between humans, animals, environment, and technology. ⠀

For her current presentation at GDS, Lito develops a new series of aluminum hybrid figures, a combination of bodily, mechanical and ethereal appearances, that question the idea of how contemporaneity thinks about bodies and its relationship with the natural environment. The works engage with the sculptural potentiality of flatness, processes of embodiment and the transfigurations of material properties within the margins of time and space. ⠀

‘Teras Terra’ by Lito Kattou and Petros Moris is now on view at GDS and will run until 12 September 2020.⠀

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