Lito Kattou featured in ISIT Magazine

Text by Alessandra Ioale

ISIT Magazine presents Lito Kattou´ s sculptural work from her recent exhibition Teras Terra, at Galeria Duarte Sequeira.


“Tackling the same themes in completely different ways and related to sculpture, the practice of making of the young athenian artist Lito Kattou, winner of the Ducato Prize 2019, focuses on the attempt to imagine «a new form of creatures which deal in constant adaptability and transformation to new environmental forces» and an original experiment of two-dimensional fluidity – in reference to the digital environments contained and returned by our flat screens – that here translates into fluidity of gender, of place of origin and time. Being close connection with the research and development of a peculiar form of communication to weave relation between the different entities.”

July 15, 2020