Jonathan Uliel Saldanha – Mercúrio Vermelho

Teatro Municipal do Porto - Rivoli

10 – 13 December 2020

Mercúrio Vermelho [Red Mercury] is an acoustic and visual journey following the delirium of the extraction of precious metals through the testimony of one of its most elusive icons, red mercury. This monologue is meant for a synthetic voice and is performed by a vampire—he who sucks the blood of the Earth—at a threshold where both contaminate one another, evoking their crossed paths as well as the many stories, myths and conspiracy theories surrounding them.

Shot in Kampala, Uganda, during the COVID-19 lockdown, Mercúrio Vermelho is screened as a synthetic landscape through which the visitor has to walk.

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Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, Mercúrio Vermelho, 2020, Installation image at Teatro Municipal do Porto- Rivoli, Image by Renato Cruz Santos