Lito Kattou solo exhibition at TRANEN Copenhagen

Lito Kattou presents her first solo exhibition in Copenhagen titled "Rain calling". The exhibition takes place at TRANEN and will run from 25 March until 22 May 2022.


Throughout the history of art, paintings of the rising and setting sun have got us thinking. At twilight, the sun’s rays, refracted in the atmosphere in a myriad of colours, shed a different, enchanting light on the landscape and on the world. In Lito Kattou’s paintings too, the sun rises and sets on the horizon, but it does not merely shed light on the world. The fiery-red and yellow colours also devour and incinerate it. The landscape darkens. Lito Kattou’s two paintings of sunrises and sunsets are also images of an encroaching darkness. Dragons blacken the sky. Witches take to the stage. The dark forces are rushing into the sun.

March 24, 2022