Shaking the Habitual

Athena Papadopoulos — Byzantia Harlow — Carlotta Bailly Borg — Celia Hempton — Jala Wahid — Juliana Huxtable — Patrizio di Massimo — Shannon Bool — Suzanne Treister
7 March—30 April 2020

Shaking the habitual is a group exhibition that draws connections between the politics of desire, fear and alienation in contemporary society.

Stereotypes and prejudices deeply embedded in our culture, tradition and history are revisited in order to reclaim ownership over them and confront the complexity of our reality.

According to Silvia Federici, “The world had to be ‘disenchanted’ in order to be dominated”.

The meaning behind folk and mythological stories is exposed and subverted through engaging with methods of “unlearning”.

The exhibition aims to explore suppressed desire through structures of power, stereotypes and the origins of mythological and folk stories, while discussing forms of collective resistance towards change.