In bed with a mosquito

André Butzer – Petra Cortright – Lito Kattou – Petros Moris – Julian Opie – Ricardo Passaporte – Vanessa da Silva – Jonathan Uliel Saldanha
30 October 2021—15 January 2022

“In bed with a mosquito” is a group exhibition exploring the association between the well-being of humankind and the quality of the environment, as a reflection of society and in an attempt to reframe our relationship with nature.

As a society, we learn to structure our lives around historical and climate conditions; being an integral part of the environment, we influence and are also affected by any change that occurs. The predominant force of change on earth is a result of human intervention and activity, stemming from the desire to capture and control the force of the ephemeral moments of natural environments. This aspiration, however, influences life on earth and may lead to the creation of harmful and irreversible environmental repercussions.

Looking into the multilayered meanings carried through this relationship, each artist approaches this connection from their own perspective and collectively discuss themes of coexistence and exchange, adaptability and communication, identity and gender, alternative worlds and beings, memory and the use of new technologies to investigate ecological issues.