Vanessa da Silva

Artissima, Turin
4—8 November 2021


Wishes of the land

That apart became a part

Of the land’s trading tongues


Sense of senses

Watching the colour grow

As false marrow

Of faking bones




Tastes and songs

Imaginary light

Of pulsing tones


For her solo booth at Artissima with Duarte Sequeira Gallery, Vanessa da Silva presents ‘Mamão com Açúcar’, a series of textile works stretched on canvas.

The bright screen-printed patchworked textile works are hand stitched and layered with logos of products imported to the UK from Colombia, Ghana and Brazil, amongst other countries, adding to a sense of place and referencing the artist’s Latin American origins.

The works, acting as portals, highlight and at the same time conceal the layers of commerce, the economic agendas, the colonial legacies and the metabolic rhythms of capitalism. Da Silva is interested in the ambiguity of the image, ideas of exchange and concepts of trade and value.

We might think about how we locate ourselves within all that, the extractivist mentality, the exotification of the tropics and the consequences of colonialism in today’s globalised world.