André Butzer & Daniel Mendel-Black

28 September—7 December 2019

Galeria Duarte Sequeira is pleased to announce a two person show by André Butzer and Daniel Mendel-Black.

Butzer and Mendel-Black initially met in 2001, when an ongoing exchange of ideas in regards to art, and more specifically, the medium of painting began. Currently, both  artists are based in LA and share a mutual fascination on the exploration of colour and aim towards addressing the birth of imagery.

André Butzer´s work references German and American history, culture and politics, art history, science fiction, comics and animation. Composed of a personal vocabulary of repetitive forms and elements, he constructs an exaggerated reality expressed through vivid colouring and explores the possibilities and limits of painting.

With a strong interest in colour and focus on the shape it takes, Daniel Mendel-Black paints a living image of the universe. His work attempts to communicate the awkward grace of the world directly while showcasing the intense life of colours through inanimate materials.