Muamba Grove Performance

28 September 2019 at 18.00

Galeria Duarte Sequeira is pleased to announce the launch of the Sculpture Park programme with invited artist-in-residence Vanessa da Silva.

In collaboration with Braga-based dance company Arte Total, the artist will present a performance that will take place on Saturday, 28 September at 18:00.

Taking into consideration the intersection between the human body, nature and transmutation, Vanessa da Silva produces a new body of work for the sculpture park, further developing her Muamba Grove series. Within these works, the artist explores the relationship between object and body, body and nature, that in turn unfolds an extended narrative between object and viewer. Colour and scale play a significant part within the works. Through the exchange that occurs between the sculptures and human bodies, da Silva continues her ongoing investigation on themes of movement of cultures, transformation and ‘becoming other’.

Vanessa da Silva (b. São Paulo, Brazil) lives and works in London. Her interdisciplinary process-based practice combines sculpture, installation and performance focusing on issues of identity formation, migration and displacement. Through the weaving of the personal and the political, da Silva investigates the overlaying and fusion of histories and cultures that builds oneself.

Performers: Gabriela Barros, Inês Pereira, Carolina França, Carolina Vieira, Maria Inês Silva, Armando Pinho, Maiju Karhu

Choreography: Cristina Mendanha

GDS Residency Programme aims to support an international exchange, connect cultures and create local events in Braga while establishing collaborations and developing conversations between local and international artists and initiatives in Braga.

Courtesy of the artist and Arte Total Braga