Computer Paintings on Linen

Petra Cortright
25 May—27 July 2019

Galeria Duarte Sequeira is pleased to announce “Computer Paintings on Linen”, the first solo exhibition of artist Petra Cortright, in Portugal.

The LA-based artist uses the computer as a canvas to express a preference for fast-paced working, in relation to the slow process embedded in traditional painting. Interested in the exploration of painting techniques, material selection and printing processes, the production of physical work becomes an important and essential element in her practice.

“Computer Paintings on Linen” presents a new series of digital paintings, that occur as a result of editing and intervening on a vast collection of fragmented images sourced online. Each painting derives from a “mother file”, that subsequently undergoes a series of transformation through editing software. Comprised of a considerable number of digital “brushstrokes” created in Photoshop the paintings are built up layer by layer. Further manipulation of texture, light and colour, enable her to work towards reconfiguring the element of flatness in digital works.